Video Reviews Of Haiti Earthquake Relief

Recent earthquakes claimed thousands of lives in Haiti, probing Steve Barbarich / charity drives. Check out these video reviews regarding a fund raising campaign for Haiti.

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Choosehottubsdirect & CEO Steve Barbarich

Steve Barbarich of Choosehottubsdirect.comSteve Barbarich is currently the CEO of This post is about choosehottubsdirect reviews of Mr. Steve Barbarich.

Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Steve Barbarich – General

Steve Barbarich has accomplished quite a lot in the business world during his life. Aside from being the CEO of, he is also the CEO of, and

Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Steve Barbarich – Early Life

Steve Barbarich is educated from Harvey Mudd College, one of the premier math science and engineering, as well as liberal arts colleges in the nation. At Harvey Mudd Steve Barbarich was a star soccer player, and earned honors of making the Claremont Harvey Mudd Athletics Hall of Fame, a high honor where athletes have to meet both academic as well as athletic criteria. Graduating with a degree in engineering Steve Barbarich then went on to write his own book, “The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions and Patents”. The book stirred up a lot of buzz with inventors, creating a high demand for Steve Barbarich to speak seminars on the topics of inventing, patenting and marketing. After doing this for a few years, Steve Barbarich went on to start up a few sucessful e commerce websites. was the first e commerce website that Steve Barbarich would start up. Choosehottubsdirect reviews say that the website includes an about choose direct hot tubs section, choose direct hot tubs warranties, delivery information, choose direct hot tubs covers/accessories, online chat feature (for speaking with employees), choosehottubsdirect reviews and a helpful info center for all who want hot tub information., another one Steve Barbarich website has the lowest prices & Free Shipping on built in gas grills, BBQ islands and outdoor kitchens appliances…Highest Quality Cal Flame & Fire Magic built in grills, outdoor sinks, outdoor kitchen cabinets, accessories & drop in grill islands online. They also offer over 50% off & free shipping on all outdoor kitchens appliances & accessories.

The next website that Steve Barbarich created would be Like the name states, is a high traffic retailer of fireplace and stove products such as gas/wood/electric/pellet fireplaces and stoves, inserts, fireboxes, gas log sets and outdoor kitchen appliances.

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About Steve Barbarich

Steve Barbarich is currently the CEO of

The Career Of Steve Barbarich
Before , Steve Barbarich ventured into many other markets. Steve Barbarich’s  first notable company, IP&R, brought many independent inventors inventions to store shelves by helping people obtain patents for their inventions.

Also before , Steve Barbarich wrote the book The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions & Patents. His qualifications include 20 years of experience in product development, intellectual property, negotiation, and marketing to be considered an expert in this field.

After writing his book, Steve Barbarich went on to start the company AbsolutelyNew, a consumer products company that develops and patents inventions from independent inventors and sells these products to leading retailers and manufacturers. He used experience and funding from this company to start

Graduating from Claremont Harvey Mudd with a major in engineering would make one wonder how Steve Barbarich got started with It started off with making a bad purchase on a bathtub from an e-commerce company. After receiving the product, he realized that the bathtub was in bad shape-cracked, scratched, and obviously mishandled by either the shippers or the factory. When trying get a hold of the company which sold him the bathtub, all they told him was that they were “sorry”.  Being an entrepreneur, Steve Barbarich decided he would start a company ( that sold these high ticket items, but would deal with any and all of the problems that may be associated with the shipping and installation problems that may occur. Using this bad experience to fuel his fire with, a company based out of San Francisco, CA.

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Movie Review: Hot Tub Time Machine

You might ask me, why would you even watch a movie with a title that silly? But I enjoy many stupid movies, and felt like Hot Tub Time Machine would be entertaining.

About Hot Tub Time Machine

Actors to speak of- John Cusack, Clark Duke, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, Sebastian Stan, Lyndsy Fonseca, Crispin Glover, Chevy Chase (I felt he did horribly in this movie) and a few others who do not need to be mentioned.

To Sum The Movie Up:
The film is basically about four friends who take a weekend trip to an old lodge up in the mountains. They end up getting uncontrollably drunk in their hot tubs and accidentally send themselves back in time to the eighties  (ok I love the eighties so this was probably the only part I liked about the movie). They meet the Repair Man (Chevy Chase) and he tells them that they must act out the same actions they made 20 years prior in order to keep the world from changing and turning upside down.

I felt that since the movie had 3 different writers hindered it.  The writers (Sean Anders, John Morris and Josh Heald) do not work in conjunction with each other and the movie seems to jump around without much of a plot at times. If you pay attention, you can tell that different writers wrote different parts as the movie had 3 different distinct and clashing writing styles.

I was very annoyed by a couple of the actors, especially Lou (an annoying filthy man). This character who was supposed to be funny was anything but that. The only role he had in the movie was to annoy me (almost unbearable at times) until I almost walked out of the movie.

The best part about hot tub time machine was the acting of John Cusack, who was absolutely hilarious in these hot tubs outfit!

I read a funny comment about this movie on the internet that read “If I had a Hot Tub Time Machine, I would go back to the moment I handed over my money for a movie to this movie and say thanks, but no thanks”. I can also say that this pretty much summed up the whole movie for me. The title “Hot Tub Time Machine” says it all, S-T-U-P-I-D. Stay home and spend time in your hot tubs, don’t waste your money on this dumb movie!

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Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Use Of Synthetic Material For Sustainable Living | Reviews

Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Synthetic Cabinet Against Deforestation

Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Synthetic Cabinet Against Deforestation

With all of the cutting down of trees going on to make products such asdecks, houses and more green companies such as Choose Hot Tubs Direct have been taking initiative towards reducing the deforestation. This blog post is my reviews of using synthetic hot tub shells instead of the traditional wood shells.

About Deforestation

Environmental issues effect every life on this planet from the smallest parasite to the human race. The reason for this is simple. A single disruption in the Earth’s delicate balance can mean certain destruction of the very place that cradles the lives of many species. What is not so simple is finding alternatives to the now dangerous and confronting acts of planet degradation that have been afflicted on the planet over recent years. One such issue that requires consideration is deforestation. Trees have been or are being cut down at increasingly high rates. If this is not stopped many unfavorable side effects could result.

Choosehottubsdirect Reviews of Synthetic Cabinet Shells

Not only are synthetic cabinet shells a “go green” way of housing a hot tub, they also posess some benefits that a normal shell wouldn’t otherwise. To find out their choosehottubsdirect reviews of these synthetic shells, I made a phone call to the CEO of Choose Hot Tubs Direct. The man who I spoke with, Steve Barbarich (whom I felt was a very intelligent, nice guy) gave these comments:

Me: “Hi, can I please speak to Steve Barbarich, CEO of Choose Hot Tubs Direct?”

Steve Barbarich: “Yes, this is him.”

Me: “Hi Steve, my name is Jim Phillips. I noticed that Choose Hot Tubs Direct is promoting the use of a synthetic hot tub shell as a means of reducing deforestation. Will you please give me choosehottubsdirect reviews of this issue?”

Steve Barbarich: “Hi Jim, and yes that’s true. Well first of all, coming from San Francisco Choose Hot Tubs Direct realizes that the world we live in is special, and we want to leave as little imprints as possible on the earth. Choose Hot Tubs Direct sells a high volume of hot tubs and spas to the public, and using a standard wood shell would definitely have an impact on the forest that surround our beautiful city. Using these synthetic shells don’t just save the environment, they have other benefits as well…”

Me: “Could you please give me choosehottubsdirect reviews of the benefits of these synthetic shells?”

Steve Barbarich: “Of course I can do that for you Jim. Well besides the fact that these shells save our forests, this synthetic material also possesses these qualities that wood doesn’t: the synthetic material lasts for the entire hot tub life span, require less upkeep, don’t warp or shrink, they are more resistant to moisture & insects, they have better insulation, and they won’t de-laminate, crack or peel. They are also cheaper to make than wood, and look almost identical. It seems pretty obvious why we should be using this material, yet I don’t know why not everyone is doing it yet.”

I continued to have a conversation with Mr. Steve Barbarich for the next hour regarding Choose Hot Tubs Direct, business in general, and his views/opinions.

My Conclusion This is the trend I hope to see more businesses doing over the next decade if we hope to leave the earth livable for our children and grandchildren in the future.  I enjoy seeing “green” businesses like Choose Hot Tubs Direct do well, and hope they pave the way for more businesses to come. I don’t have the money to buy a hot tub, but if I did I would definitely do it from them and Steve Barbarich, and will recommend them to my friends as well.

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“Party like a rock star” says Mr. Steve Barbarich, regarding the “Lyonesse” choose direct hot tubs. And he’s Choosehottubsdirect Reviews The "Lyonesse"right.  choosehottubsdirect reviews of this hot tub states that this high-end hot tub is one of the largest (7.5′ diameter X 3′ deep) carried by the company. These spas are great for hydrotherapy with a bunch of high powered jets that will make you feel great after you get home from a hard days work. “These tubs are also some of the most comfortable ones we carry”, says Steve Barbarich when asked about his thoughts on the “Lyonesse”.

When I questioned Mr. Steve Barbarich about how he came up with the name “Lyonesse”, he said “these hot tubs from choose hot tubs direct are fit for a king”, speaking of the Arthurian legend. And if you take a look inside, or better yet, take a soak in these choose direct hot tubs, you’ll quickly see why. Reviews Lyonesse Features:
-31 different color styles, with 3 different synthetic cabinet styles that closely resemble wood. These synthetic cabinets are also reversible, so if it gets scratched you can reverse it and make it look like new again (just like the couch cushion trick!).

-Seating capacity for 6, comfortably. Seating design includes bucket, dual lounge, lazy-boy style lounge chair (very comfortable) and bench seating

-Dimensions: 90″, 90″, 36″

-73 jets with locations on the shoulder, neck, back, spinal massage, seat and calf.

-Electrical: 5.5 KW heavy duty heater, 220Volt, 50 Amp ACC spa pack (ETL)

-Water capacity- 445 gallons

-Dry weight- 661 pounds

-Choose direct hot tub pumps: 2 5 horsepower pumps

-Headrests- 4 headrests

Overall choosehottubsdirect reviews of these hot tubs from choose hot tubs direct have been very, very positive. And I can see why, who doesn’t wanted to be treated like a king (or queen) anyway?

You can find choose direct hot tubs at http;// | Check out Choosehottubsdirect Blog | Video Reviews

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Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Update: New Review From JJ Lankin

Well I finally broke down and did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, purchase a hot tub. My girlfriend had been bugging me and threatening to make me sleep on the couch if I didn’t buy one since she is so friggen tired and sore (boo hoo!) after she gets home from being a waitress all day and flirting with guys…ANYWAY here is my choosehottubsdirect reviews.

The choose direct hot tubs I ended up purchasing was the “La Riviera”, a hot tub by Island Escape Spas. I gotta say that I over ordered quite a bit with this large choose direct hot tubs especially since we don’t have any friends and it’s only me and my girlfriend that ever use it. If I could do it over again I would’ve gotten a smaller one, but I still got a great deal since I shopped around for about 8 months before making a purchase. Besides that, my choosehottubsdirect reviews are positive ones.

My Choosehottubsdirect Reviews of “La Riviera”

The Riviera spa from choose hot tubs direct ended up costing me under 5 grand. I think it was $4,800 or something but I can’t remember. Anyways, this is a large choose direct hot tubs that can fit 6 people, plenty big for me and my girl. My favorite part is the lay down lounger and open seating that give me a ridiculous amount of comfort and space. I end up falling asleep almost every time I go in.  It also has this cool ambiance lighting system I think they call it, 55 jets where you need them most, a great filtration system with ozone for cleaner water and two 5HP pumps that give my choose direct hot tubs more than enough power.

The best part of my choosehottubsdirect reviews is the freebies I got from choose hot tubs direct when I purchased this tub. The whole reason I got this one, was the ad I saw on the upper left corner of their website saying a free tv with dvd player came with this unit. The other day we turned the temperature down a bit so we could sit in it for longer, and watched the whole Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood. Ahhhhhh good times!

The one part I never considered before purchasing a spa from choose hot tubs direct was the chemicals like chlorine that I now have to deal with. Guys-if you are listening, make your girlfriend or wife sign a written agreement saying that they will at least do half of the maintenance and work associated with having a spa or you will regret it. I just imagined me soaking in the hot tub feeling like I was in Hawaii with a cocktail in my hand, when in reality my skin is getting dried out from having to deal with chlorine and my eardrums are aching from listening to my girlfriend nag at me to refill the choose direct hot tubs water so she can take a soak.

Well anyhow those are my choosehottubsdirect reviews of my hot tub, and owning a spa in general. It might be a lot of work and maintenance, but when it’s warm and the water is clean, I really enjoy my time spent inside.

JJ Lankin

Des moines Iowa

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