Shadowbrook Capitola Restaurant Reviews

The next choosehottubsdirect reviews of capitola restaurants is the Shadowbrook Capitola. Here are our reviews:

I love the Shadowbrook!  I go as often as I can, and it NEVER disapoints. We’ve been  going there for years, we look forward to our Thursdays there because we’re sure to get the  best service, food, and ambiance in Santa Cruz. They remember where we like to sit, and what wines we like with what foods, and generally  treat us like royalty.  I’ve become fond of several of the servers because of the invarialble professional and warm attitude which guides us through the meals without a hitch every time. The food is always excellent, espically the fish. And the atmosphere!  So cozy and sweet, very pretty and not noisy or crowded at all.  The music in the beautiful bar is a treat as is the cocktail menu and the feeling of luxury throughout. If I could bottle the place and maybe even take Matt the server home, I would! Ha, ha, just kidding… about Matt, that is!

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One Response to Shadowbrook Capitola Restaurant Reviews

  1. Jim Phelps says:

    I was researching this restaurant and this seems to be the only legitimate review not done by an employee. Thanks for your reviews and I think I’ll check it out.

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