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Choose direct hot tubs currently holds certifications from the APSP Reviews The APSP(the association of pool and spa professionals). This article is about reviews of this organization. Reviews Of The APSP reviews of the APSP say the organization is the world’s largest international trade association for the swimming pool, spa, and hot tub industry as it relates to choose direct hot tubs. As an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards developer, the APSP works with regulatory and legislative bodies to ensure that their codes, ordinances, and legislation are written to the safest and most current standards. The association’s mission is to ensure consumer safety and enhance the business success of its members. Choose direct hot tubs is proud to hold certifications from the APSP as they hold common standards. reviews say that the APSP offer a full range of services, resources, and professional development opportunities for its members such as APSP members must stick to a strict code of business ethics and share a commitment to public health and safety – something that choose direct hot tubs have been trying to do since opening a few years ago. Our member companies include manufacturers, manufacturers’ agents, distributors (, designers, builders, installers, retailers, and service professionals.

Enjoyment and safety are priorities of both the APSP and choose direct hot tubs reviews state. Every few months the APSP members fund broad public service safety campaign, and this campaign reaches more than 32 million U.S. households to spread these messages. They provide the best advice to consumers about the benefits of ownership and responsible use of industry products, including maintenance and safety tips and vows to spread this advice as well.

“The APSP holds the same values that we do here at”, says Steve Barbarich, owner and CEO of choose direct hot tubs. “The APSP have a strict code of ethics, and will honor those ethics and look to what’s best for the industry.”

For more information about the APSP, please go to

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