About Steve Barbarich

Steve Barbarich is currently the CEO of choosehottubsdirect.com.

The Career Of Steve Barbarich
Before choosehottubsdirect.com , Steve Barbarich ventured into many other markets. Steve Barbarich’s  first notable company, IP&R, brought many independent inventors inventions to store shelves by helping people obtain patents for their inventions.

Also before choosehottubsdirect.com , Steve Barbarich wrote the book The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions & Patents. His qualifications include 20 years of experience in product development, intellectual property, negotiation, and marketing to be considered an expert in this field.

After writing his book, Steve Barbarich went on to start the company AbsolutelyNew, a consumer products company that develops and patents inventions from independent inventors and sells these products to leading retailers and manufacturers. He used experience and funding from this company to start choosehottubsdirect.com.

Graduating from Claremont Harvey Mudd with a major in engineering would make one wonder how Steve Barbarich got started with choosehottubsdirect.com. It started off with making a bad purchase on a bathtub from an e-commerce company. After receiving the product, he realized that the bathtub was in bad shape-cracked, scratched, and obviously mishandled by either the shippers or the factory. When trying get a hold of the company which sold him the bathtub, all they told him was that they were “sorry”.  Being an entrepreneur, Steve Barbarich decided he would start a company (choosehottubsdirect.com) that sold these high ticket items, but would deal with any and all of the problems that may be associated with the shipping and installation problems that may occur. Using this bad experience to fuel his fire with choosehottubsdirect.com, a company based out of San Francisco, CA.

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