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Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Synthetic Cabinet Against Deforestation

Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Synthetic Cabinet Against Deforestation

With all of the cutting down of trees going on to make products such asdecks, houses and more green companies such as Choose Hot Tubs Direct have been taking initiative towards reducing the deforestation. This blog post is my reviews of using synthetic hot tub shells instead of the traditional wood shells.

About Deforestation

Environmental issues effect every life on this planet from the smallest parasite to the human race. The reason for this is simple. A single disruption in the Earth’s delicate balance can mean certain destruction of the very place that cradles the lives of many species. What is not so simple is finding alternatives to the now dangerous and confronting acts of planet degradation that have been afflicted on the planet over recent years. One such issue that requires consideration is deforestation. Trees have been or are being cut down at increasingly high rates. If this is not stopped many unfavorable side effects could result.

Choosehottubsdirect Reviews of Synthetic Cabinet Shells

Not only are synthetic cabinet shells a “go green” way of housing a hot tub, they also posess some benefits that a normal shell wouldn’t otherwise. To find out their choosehottubsdirect reviews of these synthetic shells, I made a phone call to the CEO of Choose Hot Tubs Direct. The man who I spoke with, Steve Barbarich (whom I felt was a very intelligent, nice guy) gave these comments:

Me: “Hi, can I please speak to Steve Barbarich, CEO of Choose Hot Tubs Direct?”

Steve Barbarich: “Yes, this is him.”

Me: “Hi Steve, my name is Jim Phillips. I noticed that Choose Hot Tubs Direct is promoting the use of a synthetic hot tub shell as a means of reducing deforestation. Will you please give me choosehottubsdirect reviews of this issue?”

Steve Barbarich: “Hi Jim, and yes that’s true. Well first of all, coming from San Francisco Choose Hot Tubs Direct realizes that the world we live in is special, and we want to leave as little imprints as possible on the earth. Choose Hot Tubs Direct sells a high volume of hot tubs and spas to the public, and using a standard wood shell would definitely have an impact on the forest that surround our beautiful city. Using these synthetic shells don’t just save the environment, they have other benefits as well…”

Me: “Could you please give me choosehottubsdirect reviews of the benefits of these synthetic shells?”

Steve Barbarich: “Of course I can do that for you Jim. Well besides the fact that these shells save our forests, this synthetic material also possesses these qualities that wood doesn’t: the synthetic material lasts for the entire hot tub life span, require less upkeep, don’t warp or shrink, they are more resistant to moisture & insects, they have better insulation, and they won’t de-laminate, crack or peel. They are also cheaper to make than wood, and look almost identical. It seems pretty obvious why we should be using this material, yet I don’t know why not everyone is doing it yet.”

I continued to have a conversation with Mr. Steve Barbarich for the next hour regarding Choose Hot Tubs Direct, business in general, and his views/opinions.

My Conclusion This is the trend I hope to see more businesses doing over the next decade if we hope to leave the earth livable for our children and grandchildren in the future.  I enjoy seeing “green” businesses like Choose Hot Tubs Direct do well, and hope they pave the way for more businesses to come. I don’t have the money to buy a hot tub, but if I did I would definitely do it from them and Steve Barbarich, and will recommend them to my friends as well.

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