Reviews The “Lyonesse” | Hot Tub Fit For A King

“Party like a rock star” says Mr. Steve Barbarich, regarding the “Lyonesse” choose direct hot tubs. And he’s Choosehottubsdirect Reviews The "Lyonesse"right.  choosehottubsdirect reviews of this hot tub states that this high-end hot tub is one of the largest (7.5′ diameter X 3′ deep) carried by the company. These spas are great for hydrotherapy with a bunch of high powered jets that will make you feel great after you get home from a hard days work. “These tubs are also some of the most comfortable ones we carry”, says Steve Barbarich when asked about his thoughts on the “Lyonesse”.

When I questioned Mr. Steve Barbarich about how he came up with the name “Lyonesse”, he said “these hot tubs from choose hot tubs direct are fit for a king”, speaking of the Arthurian legend. And if you take a look inside, or better yet, take a soak in these choose direct hot tubs, you’ll quickly see why. Reviews Lyonesse Features:
-31 different color styles, with 3 different synthetic cabinet styles that closely resemble wood. These synthetic cabinets are also reversible, so if it gets scratched you can reverse it and make it look like new again (just like the couch cushion trick!).

-Seating capacity for 6, comfortably. Seating design includes bucket, dual lounge, lazy-boy style lounge chair (very comfortable) and bench seating

-Dimensions: 90″, 90″, 36″

-73 jets with locations on the shoulder, neck, back, spinal massage, seat and calf.

-Electrical: 5.5 KW heavy duty heater, 220Volt, 50 Amp ACC spa pack (ETL)

-Water capacity- 445 gallons

-Dry weight- 661 pounds

-Choose direct hot tub pumps: 2 5 horsepower pumps

-Headrests- 4 headrests

Overall choosehottubsdirect reviews of these hot tubs from choose hot tubs direct have been very, very positive. And I can see why, who doesn’t wanted to be treated like a king (or queen) anyway?

You can find choose direct hot tubs at http;// | Check out Choosehottubsdirect Blog | Video Reviews

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