Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Update: New Review From JJ Lankin

Well I finally broke down and did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, purchase a hot tub. My girlfriend had been bugging me and threatening to make me sleep on the couch if I didn’t buy one since she is so friggen tired and sore (boo hoo!) after she gets home from being a waitress all day and flirting with guys…ANYWAY here is my choosehottubsdirect reviews.

The choose direct hot tubs I ended up purchasing was the “La Riviera”, a hot tub by Island Escape Spas. I gotta say that I over ordered quite a bit with this large choose direct hot tubs especially since we don’t have any friends and it’s only me and my girlfriend that ever use it. If I could do it over again I would’ve gotten a smaller one, but I still got a great deal since I shopped around for about 8 months before making a purchase. Besides that, my choosehottubsdirect reviews are positive ones.

My Choosehottubsdirect Reviews of “La Riviera”

The Riviera spa from choose hot tubs direct ended up costing me under 5 grand. I think it was $4,800 or something but I can’t remember. Anyways, this is a large choose direct hot tubs that can fit 6 people, plenty big for me and my girl. My favorite part is the lay down lounger and open seating that give me a ridiculous amount of comfort and space. I end up falling asleep almost every time I go in.  It also has this cool ambiance lighting system I think they call it, 55 jets where you need them most, a great filtration system with ozone for cleaner water and two 5HP pumps that give my choose direct hot tubs more than enough power.

The best part of my choosehottubsdirect reviews is the freebies I got from choose hot tubs direct when I purchased this tub. The whole reason I got this one, was the ad I saw on the upper left corner of their website saying a free tv with dvd player came with this unit. The other day we turned the temperature down a bit so we could sit in it for longer, and watched the whole Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood. Ahhhhhh good times!

The one part I never considered before purchasing a spa from choose hot tubs direct was the chemicals like chlorine that I now have to deal with. Guys-if you are listening, make your girlfriend or wife sign a written agreement saying that they will at least do half of the maintenance and work associated with having a spa or you will regret it. I just imagined me soaking in the hot tub feeling like I was in Hawaii with a cocktail in my hand, when in reality my skin is getting dried out from having to deal with chlorine and my eardrums are aching from listening to my girlfriend nag at me to refill the choose direct hot tubs water so she can take a soak.

Well anyhow those are my choosehottubsdirect reviews of my hot tub, and owning a spa in general. It might be a lot of work and maintenance, but when it’s warm and the water is clean, I really enjoy my time spent inside.

JJ Lankin

Des moines Iowa

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