Reviews Of Tubing System

This video is choosehottubsdirect reviews of the hot tub tubing system so that customers can be better informed of their products.

Cutting edge technology like this is what make choose direct hot tubs the best on the market.

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Reviews of Hot Tub Polar Foam

Here are the video reviews regarding their hot tub polar foam. This stuff looks great!

ChooseHotTubsDirect Reviews knows the importance of insulation when it comes to the spa products featured at Choose Hot Tubs Direct. With polar foam, we seal the deal, making our hottubs safe and weather-proof, allowing for years and years of use. Click on the video below to start learning how our polar foam option can maintain weatherproofing for you spa year-round, even in the extreme weather conditions during the winter season.

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Shadowbrook Capitola Restaurant Reviews

The next choosehottubsdirect reviews of capitola restaurants is the Shadowbrook Capitola. Here are our reviews:

I love the Shadowbrook!  I go as often as I can, and it NEVER disapoints. We’ve been  going there for years, we look forward to our Thursdays there because we’re sure to get the  best service, food, and ambiance in Santa Cruz. They remember where we like to sit, and what wines we like with what foods, and generally  treat us like royalty.  I’ve become fond of several of the servers because of the invarialble professional and warm attitude which guides us through the meals without a hitch every time. The food is always excellent, espically the fish. And the atmosphere!  So cozy and sweet, very pretty and not noisy or crowded at all.  The music in the beautiful bar is a treat as is the cocktail menu and the feeling of luxury throughout. If I could bottle the place and maybe even take Matt the server home, I would! Ha, ha, just kidding… about Matt, that is!

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The Best Capitola Restaurants – Capitola Restaurant Reviews

The other day we ate at this insane restaurant in Capitola. Delicious thai food cuisine. Definitely worth a try if you are in the Capitola, Santa Cruz area.

Here is my friends reviews:

“Wow! And here I thought I did not like Thai food. Well, I love it now, at least at My Thai Beach. Last night, I took group of 15 for a staff appreciation dinner. We choose dishes we could share and this provided a varied sampling of the menu for all including the vegetarians in our group. Each dish was artfully presented, the ingredients local and fresh, the taste and blend of texture superb. We had lamb, bbq beef, salmon fillets, delightful tempura style appetizers, and intriguing Thai soups. The view, well you are an arms length away from the Capitola lagoon and mere steps from the surf. The decor is upscale casual, and anyone will feel comfortable here. The wait staff are professional and personable. And the chef? Hey, I dare you to find better at this particular cuisine on the Monterey Bay. Oh, and the pricing is modest. I’m looking forward to lunches and dinners here in the coming winter months. Get in now before the tourist come back!!!!”

My Thai Beach Capitola Restaurants

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Choose direct hot tubs currently holds certifications from the APSP Reviews The APSP(the association of pool and spa professionals). This article is about reviews of this organization. Reviews Of The APSP reviews of the APSP say the organization is the world’s largest international trade association for the swimming pool, spa, and hot tub industry as it relates to choose direct hot tubs. As an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards developer, the APSP works with regulatory and legislative bodies to ensure that their codes, ordinances, and legislation are written to the safest and most current standards. The association’s mission is to ensure consumer safety and enhance the business success of its members. Choose direct hot tubs is proud to hold certifications from the APSP as they hold common standards. reviews say that the APSP offer a full range of services, resources, and professional development opportunities for its members such as APSP members must stick to a strict code of business ethics and share a commitment to public health and safety – something that choose direct hot tubs have been trying to do since opening a few years ago. Our member companies include manufacturers, manufacturers’ agents, distributors (, designers, builders, installers, retailers, and service professionals.

Enjoyment and safety are priorities of both the APSP and choose direct hot tubs reviews state. Every few months the APSP members fund broad public service safety campaign, and this campaign reaches more than 32 million U.S. households to spread these messages. They provide the best advice to consumers about the benefits of ownership and responsible use of industry products, including maintenance and safety tips and vows to spread this advice as well.

“The APSP holds the same values that we do here at”, says Steve Barbarich, owner and CEO of choose direct hot tubs. “The APSP have a strict code of ethics, and will honor those ethics and look to what’s best for the industry.”

For more information about the APSP, please go to

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Choose Hot Tubs Direct Refurbished Hot Tubs

Anyone who would like to save a bunch of money can appreciate the
benefit of buying refurbished hot tubs from choose hot tubs direct.
These hot tubs are great for those unwilling or unable to pay the price
of new hot tubs. Refurbished hot tubs are previously owned hot tubs that
discounts are received from a third party. Each of these units has been
fully inspected from choose hot tubs direct, parts repaired or replaced
when necessary, water tested and made fully operational. This is choosehottubsdirect
reviews of buying refurbished hot tubs.

Before purchasing any refurbished hot tubs, always check the spa shell for damage.
You should carefully inspect every inch of the choose hot tubs direct hot tubs
shell. If the hot tubs shell is damaged, you might as well just get a
whole new hot tub. Look for any cracks, blisters, leaks, or breaks in
the surface. Then remove the exterior cabinet of the refurbished hot
tubs and check from that point of view to take a look at the insulation. Also keep an eye out for blemished hot tubs
shell warp. This is common among affordable hot tubs since water weighs
so much, over time it takes its toll on the shell by bending it.
Sometimes this is hard to notice right away so you will want to place
the shell on a flat surface and see if it rocks back and forth or not.

Check the refurbished hot tubs equipment for damage: You will want to
check the blemished hot tubs pump and filtration equipment to make sure
there are no leaks or cracks. While these of course can be replaced, you
could possibly talk down the price if there is damage or you could find
better used refurbished hot tubs for sale somewhere else. You will want
to fill the Island Escape spa or Infinity Maxx Spa with water to see if
the jets are working properly.

Make sure you see the hot tub full of water before you consider purchasing it. You won’t know if it
leaks if it’s been sitting without water for the last six months. With
water inside, turn on the system, making sure all the jets and
everything works. Make sure the controls and the display all work. Don’t
be afraid to ask to get the hot tub and try it. This is, after all, a
major expenditure.

Where to find refurbished hot tubs is the leading low price leader for hot tubs. Check with them (you might have to call) and see if they have any in stock.

-Local newspapers

Check your newspaper for owners trying to sell used hot tubs. Try to get someone to go with you who is familiar with hot
tubs to help with the inspection. Remember, when buying from someone
other than a dealer, you will probably have to arrange for pick up and
delivery yourself. Most hot tubs are too big to fit on the back of a


Pretty much the same as your local newspaper, except CL is getting more popular since its free to advertise.

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New Video Reviews Site

Choosehottubsdirect recently started a news site for video reviews. Check it out at

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Recent earthquakes claimed thousands of lives in Haiti, probing Steve Barbarich / charity drives. Check out these video reviews regarding a fund raising campaign for Haiti.

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Choosehottubsdirect & CEO Steve Barbarich

Steve Barbarich of Choosehottubsdirect.comSteve Barbarich is currently the CEO of This post is about choosehottubsdirect reviews of Mr. Steve Barbarich.

Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Steve Barbarich – General

Steve Barbarich has accomplished quite a lot in the business world during his life. Aside from being the CEO of, he is also the CEO of, and

Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Steve Barbarich – Early Life

Steve Barbarich is educated from Harvey Mudd College, one of the premier math science and engineering, as well as liberal arts colleges in the nation. At Harvey Mudd Steve Barbarich was a star soccer player, and earned honors of making the Claremont Harvey Mudd Athletics Hall of Fame, a high honor where athletes have to meet both academic as well as athletic criteria. Graduating with a degree in engineering Steve Barbarich then went on to write his own book, “The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions and Patents”. The book stirred up a lot of buzz with inventors, creating a high demand for Steve Barbarich to speak seminars on the topics of inventing, patenting and marketing. After doing this for a few years, Steve Barbarich went on to start up a few sucessful e commerce websites. was the first e commerce website that Steve Barbarich would start up. Choosehottubsdirect reviews say that the website includes an about choose direct hot tubs section, choose direct hot tubs warranties, delivery information, choose direct hot tubs covers/accessories, online chat feature (for speaking with employees), choosehottubsdirect reviews and a helpful info center for all who want hot tub information., another one Steve Barbarich website has the lowest prices & Free Shipping on built in gas grills, BBQ islands and outdoor kitchens appliances…Highest Quality Cal Flame & Fire Magic built in grills, outdoor sinks, outdoor kitchen cabinets, accessories & drop in grill islands online. They also offer over 50% off & free shipping on all outdoor kitchens appliances & accessories.

The next website that Steve Barbarich created would be Like the name states, is a high traffic retailer of fireplace and stove products such as gas/wood/electric/pellet fireplaces and stoves, inserts, fireboxes, gas log sets and outdoor kitchen appliances.

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About Steve Barbarich

Steve Barbarich is currently the CEO of

The Career Of Steve Barbarich
Before , Steve Barbarich ventured into many other markets. Steve Barbarich’s  first notable company, IP&R, brought many independent inventors inventions to store shelves by helping people obtain patents for their inventions.

Also before , Steve Barbarich wrote the book The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions & Patents. His qualifications include 20 years of experience in product development, intellectual property, negotiation, and marketing to be considered an expert in this field.

After writing his book, Steve Barbarich went on to start the company AbsolutelyNew, a consumer products company that develops and patents inventions from independent inventors and sells these products to leading retailers and manufacturers. He used experience and funding from this company to start

Graduating from Claremont Harvey Mudd with a major in engineering would make one wonder how Steve Barbarich got started with It started off with making a bad purchase on a bathtub from an e-commerce company. After receiving the product, he realized that the bathtub was in bad shape-cracked, scratched, and obviously mishandled by either the shippers or the factory. When trying get a hold of the company which sold him the bathtub, all they told him was that they were “sorry”.  Being an entrepreneur, Steve Barbarich decided he would start a company ( that sold these high ticket items, but would deal with any and all of the problems that may be associated with the shipping and installation problems that may occur. Using this bad experience to fuel his fire with, a company based out of San Francisco, CA.

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